List of Our Walks

The list of walks for all our groups is shown below.

Please note to arrive at the meeting place 15 minutes before the stated walk departure time.

Download and print a leaflet with details of all our scheduled walks to December 2018 by clicking here.

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List of Walks - Kidderminster Stride and Stroll

Date and Time Walk Town County Groups
Sat, 11.05.2019, 10:30 Wombourne Staffordshire B
Thu, 16.05.2019, 11:00 Chaddesley Corbett Worcestershire Thursday Short Walk
Sat, 18.05.2019, 10:30 Rock Worcestershire A, AB, B, C, D
Thu, 23.05.2019, 11:00 Droitwich Wychavon Thursday Short Walk
Sat, 25.05.2019, 10:30 Belbroughton Worcestershire AB, B, C, D
Sat, 25.05.2019, 10:30 Kinver Staffordshire A
Thu, 30.05.2019, 11:00 Kidderminster Worcestershire Thursday Short Walk
Sat, 01.06.2019, 10:30 Astley Worcestershire C, B, D, A, AB
Thu, 06.06.2019, 11:00 Harvington Worcestershire Thursday Short Walk
Sat, 08.06.2019, 10:30 Neen Savage, Shropshire A, AB, B
Sat, 08.06.2019, 10:30 Kinlet, Bewdley Worcestershire C, D
Sat, 15.06.2019, 10:30 Severn Stoke Worcestershire B
Sat, 15.06.2019, 10:30 Kinlet, Bewdley Worcestershire A, AB
Sat, 15.06.2019, 10:30 Neen Savage, Shropshire C, D
Thu, 20.06.2019, 11:00 Stourport Worcestershire Thursday Short Walk
Sat, 22.06.2019, 10:30 Martley Worcestershire A, AB, B, C, D
Thu, 27.06.2019, 11:00 Enville Staffordshire Thursday Short Walk
Sat, 29.06.2019, 10:30 Hagley Worcestershire AB, A
Sat, 29.06.2019, 10:30 Kinlet, Bewdley Worcestershire B
Sat, 29.06.2019, 10:30 Barnett Hill Worcestershire C, D